24 Kasım 2009

Turkey decides to spend more time on nuclear energy

Ozgur Gurbuz / 24 November 2009

Turkey’s fourth nuclear tender was cancelled last week but the current right wing government remains pro-nuclear and plans to start a new bidding process in coming months.

The first signal of cancellation came with the offered high price by the only bidder which is a consortium of Russian Atomstroyexport, Inter Rao and their Turkish partner Park Teknik from Turkey. The initial offered price was 21 cent per kWh to sell electricity but many experts thought that was a high price for a NPP. Then the consortium lowered the price to 15 cent per kWh during the private negotiations with the government but was not successful. Anti nuclear campaigners also complained that lowering the offered price after the official bid was not legitimate. Later on Turkish State Council took a decision in favor of the TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) appeal and decided to declare a motion of stay for the three articles of the nuclear tender regulation. That was the second signal of cancellation which was announced officially on the 20th of November.

Taner Yildiz, MOE of Turkey says they still want to build country’s first NPP but this time the state may involve and have a stake of as much as 25 percent if it is necessary.

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